Arlene Guzman volunteers with many organizations and finds the Ronald McDonald House one of the most rewarding and satisfying. This unique group provides the kind of caring help and attention that children need when recovering from cancer. Here are just a few reasons why she finds this organization is worth her time and yours.

Why Arlene Guzman Volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House

Childhood cancer is a tragic and heartbreaking condition, one that affects many millions of children every year. Many of these children survive, but others struggle and need a lot of care help to thrive. That’s where the Ronald McDonald House comes into play. This charitable organization lets people like Arlene Guzman help children and their families through this very challenging and painful process.

First, this institution helps to find housing for families as their children go through care. Often, specialized treatment needs force parents to stay hours away from home to make sure their children are healthy. Ronald McDonald House helps by providing free housing opportunities near these centers, allowing families to stay together, and helping to minimize expensive living costs.

That’s just one reason why Arlene Guzman works with this organization. It gives her the chance to make a real difference in the lives of children by providing them with a comfortable place to stay, healthy meals, and a friendly smile. This dedication helps families to work through this care and gives children a new hope and lease on life by showing genuine kindness in a challenging situation.

However, Ronald McDonald House also helps by donating raised funds to cancer therapy and cure treatment methods. Developing these concepts helps to improve the world by creating an effective and efficient way of fighting these diseases. The idea here is to eventually find a cure for cancer that can be used to save the lives of millions of children and adults all around the world who desperately need it.

By volunteering at these homes, Arlene Guzman helps to raise awareness and improve the appearance of these areas. For example, she cleans many houses and provides high-quality linen and bedding to make them more attractive. She also spends time with families and their children, talking with them, making them laugh, and trying to bring hope to what usually feels like a bleak and hopeless cycle.

Something as simple as going to treatment with a family and holding the child’s hand as they get care can do so much to help. These simple steps will stick with a child their whole life. So many survivors make lifetime connections with those people they meet at Ronald McDonald House. No relationship is more profound than knowing someone cared about you and worked with you when your life was at risk, and you needed it the most to stay healthy.