No doubt the cost of branded product is much higher as compared to the local one but due to the durability of that product people prefer to buy particular brand. Industries try to make a product which is more durable and remains for a long time like we have jeans of different brands like Levis, pepe, wills and many more which increases the competition in the market.

Brand name of any product depends upon the customers point of view and the way he live and the place he live. A brand may be defined as Logo, Symbol or name that keeps your product from the others. It describes the companies products and services. It must be impressive such that it attracts lot of customers. Developing different kind of logos, tag lines help to make your product in more demand.

Good brand names consist of following features:
• More attractive
• Easy to pronounce
• Easy to remember
• Easy to spell
• Cannot be pronounced in several ways
• Must be simple

Choosing a brand name is not a simple task. Companies spent a lot of time in order to find out the appropriate and catch brand name for their product in order to attract lot of customers. All other process to sell a product start only after the brand name is recognized. Thus it is one of the most important aspect of every company for industrial design firm. Thus we can sell the product by their prospective name. It helps to increase the productivity also.

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